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The Importance of Business Partnerships

We are incredibly proud to have the design of Larktale’s Chit Chat stroller recognised for its excellence at the 2016 Good Design Awards.

Recently launched into the marketplace, the Chit Chat has been designed for maximum ease of use as a small stroller with a very light weight composite nylon structure that is 100% recyclable, and a focus on maneuverability and simplicity rather than a whole lot of bells and whistles.

Risk vs Reward

The design of the Chit Chat was a true partnership between the Bayly and Larktale teams and the end result is due in no small part to a joint commitment to the success of the product.

“The Chit Chat stroller project was unique for our company as we share the risk and reward with Laktale. We have a lot riding on its commercial success” says Mark Bayly, Director at Bayly Group. “This project is an example of the way that we have been evolving our business model to invest alongside with our customer partners, at a minority level, to help reduce the upfront costs of a product’s development with a review to later royalty rewards”.

Shared Vision for Success

From Mark’s perspective, “projects like this require and then engender a greater level of trust between the parties and we only consider them when our partner is committed to launching and supporting the product. As a result, it is much less about the effect of reduced upfront costs, because of relatively minor cost of the design and development component of the project when compared with tooling, stock, marketing and distribution, and much more about creating the shared and committed vision of the successful product between all involved.”

If you think that a royalty based engagement is an option for your next product design, please contact our design team in Melbourne on (03) 9413 9000, or email Mark at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


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 In part, chit chat's success can be contributed to business partnership.

Industrial Design Melbourne

Designed for purpose, the collaboration allowed all aspects of the design to be thoughtfully considered.