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Asking an Expert

As a part of his current election campaign, Donald Trump has proposed the building of a wall between the USA and Mexico.  In detailing his proposal, he has suggested that the wall would be between 35 and 40 feet (10-12 metres) tall, span 1,000 miles (1,609 km), and would likely cost $5-10 billion USD to construct.

Use experts to minimise risk

Relying on your own research and intuition in a field which you are not well versed in can be both inefficient and risky. Without a strong background in the field, gathering information can be substantially more time-consuming than necessary, and there is a greater chance of errors occurring in analysis and design through mistakes and inexperience.  If Trump had spent a little more time talking with experts in relevant fields he may have discovered the following: Geographers suggest that the fence would need to span 1,300 miles of the 2,000 mile Mexican border to cover all areas not protected by natural barriers; The Government Accountability Office calculates that a fence would cost $2.8-3.9 million per mile not including land acquisition or terrain related costs (totalling up to $5 billion for a fence - let alone a substantially more expensive wall); Civil engineers may have informed him that in materials alone, a concrete reinforced wall of the suggested dimensions would cost over $17 billion, and importantly, Republican and Democratic representatives (representatives of his clients) would have told him that they were actually quite happy with the existing fence and did not require the new product that he was selling.

Seek experts with specific skills

In creating a great business, it is commonly recommended that managers should look to hire individuals with greater job-specific skillsets than their own.  We seek the skills of doctors, dentists, mechanics and lawyers to undertake tasks which are of importance to us but for which we do not possess the skill set or knowledge to undertake ourselves.  When you are looking to develop your business’ next big idea, or improve on a current product, turning to the expert team at Bayly before you launch your idea to the public could save you from potentially costly mistakes like the inaccuracies in Trump’s proposed wall.

Bayly's expert network

Bayly’s expert network provides holistic product design experience. At Bayly we have over 40 years combined experience in industrial/mechanical/product design with a broad range of individual skillsets and backgrounds, including experience in design and manufacturing of products of vastly varied physical size, production volume and market.  This makes us incredibly flexible in our abilities to excel at the task of bringing to life just about any product idea that a client can throw at us.  Just as importantly, when we come across project details which require specialist attention we do not hesitate to call upon our own network of experts to ensure the best possible result for our clients.  We have long term relationships with experts in a huge variety of fields, from electrical engineering to graphic design, injection moulding to physical testing and ergonomics to IP.  

If you are looking for an Australian Industrial Design firm with the resources to make your next big idea a successful one, come and meet the team at Bayly.
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