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Customers vs. Consumers

Here at Bayly Group we prioritise really understanding you, your customers, and your end users, allowing us to design products that satisfy and delight everyone involved. Whether you are looking at selling business-to-business (B2B) or direct to the consumer or end user, Bayly understands the needs of each level of the supply chain.

Understanding your customers

No company will take on a new product if it doesn’t fit with their brand. When you understand their aims and the problems they face, you can massively increase your chances of success.

Right now, Bayly are working with NutraPress Australia to provide a solution which satisfies both NutraPress’ target businesses and the product’s end users needs.

One problem facing the food packaging industry is the storage, transport and delivery of sensitive ingredients. For example, probiotics begin degrading as soon as they are introduced to a liquid. Challenges like this make it extremely difficult for the packaging industry to make guarantees to their customers. It also shortens the shelf life of products and increases storage costs and requirements. To solve this problem, NutraPress Australia developed a product idea which allows the consumer to add sensitive ingredients immediately before drinking.

Understanding end users

If a product offers new benefits such as ingredient protection, but has a reduced ability to meet other key targets such as effort to use or cleanliness of process, it will not satisfy end users. Put simply, if the NutraPress system required more effort or was messier to use than their competitor’s products, no one would buy it.

By putting ourselves in the end user’s shoes, we were able to understand their wants and needs.
Existing cap dispensing systems on the market were overly complicated and awkward to use. We designed the patented, blister spike delivery system to provide a clean and simple solution.

The NutraPress system involves a blister full of the sensitive ingredient sitting on top of a disposable bottle in a protected cap. The simple action of flicking the cap open and pressing on the blister, pierces the foil with the spike and ejects the powder straight into the beverage. Without needing to replace the top cap, the consumer can shake up the beverage to mix in the ingredient.

Meeting your customer’s needs

By understanding emerging trends and consumer desires, Bayly develops solutions which gain greater market acceptance and appeal to your customers. For NutraPress, this meant learning about how beverage consumers are becoming more environmentally conscious. This trend is prompting changes within the packaging industry where companies are introducing policies which prioritise recyclability and environmental impact reduction.

From the beginning Bayly was able to select appropriately recyclable materials during the developmental stages of the NutraPress system’s design. This saved time and cost by precluding the need to rework designs later on to ensure they met future companies’ requirements.

Help us help you

How can you help Bayly ensure your product is the best solution for both your customers and your end users needs?

  1. Research your customer’s policies and pass on relevant details like health and environmental regulations, child-friendliness, price, security, industry standards and other requirements.
  2. Describe your end users so we can have a solid picture of who will ultimately be using the product. User research is incredibly important.
  3. For business to business products, don’t forget your customer’s customer, their wants and needs.
  4. Share your ideas for potential customers so we can keep their branding in mind as we develop your design

Product Design teams really can understand all of the parties involved, and at Bayly Group, we pride ourselves on our ability to provide solutions which delight both your customers and your product’s end users.

If you are looking for product designers who can understand the needs of all parties in the product supply chain, please contact us here in Melbourne on +61 3 9413 9000 or email Mark at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

If you’re interested in finding out more about the use of NutraPress cap and blister for your own beverages, please call Dr Bruce Kambouris on +61 447 244 513


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