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ARRB Walking Profiler G3
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ARRB is the Australian Road Research Board. ARRB provides independent knowledge, advice and research on everything related to roads. They also design, manufacture and sell road survey equipment. In 2014, ARRB approached Bayly to create a cover for their G3 Walking Profiler.

The walking profiler is a high precision instrument used for collecting ground surface data. As the profiler is rolled along at walking speed, the instruments measure the roughness, texture and distance of roads, footpaths and other paved surfaces. An Android tablet controls the electronics, sensors and data collection and reports the surface condition to the operator.

The technology and frame for the machine was designed and tested internally at ARRB. The cover designed by Bayly created the appearance of the profiler whilst also protecting the equipment within. A hatch allowed access to the battery and electronics mounted on the front of the machine. The cover also allowed for a collapsible push handle.

Design and Engineering at any stage

At Bayly, we can jump in to help at any stage of the design process. We can apply our product design services when your team is lacking in time, resources or expertise. Bayly worked in conjunction with the ARRB team so that the cover fit the existing chassis. We used our industrial design skills to create a cover that looked great and had all the functions that ARRB required.

The cover was fabricated by our local partners, Williams Patterns. The Walking Profiler cover was a fibreglass shell part formed over a pattern (mould). One pattern was used to create multiple covers. We are able to facilitate small production runs of products and have organised this using various manufacturing techniques for our customers.

Your own personal design and engineering team

Often businesses have product design or engineering needs don't have enough work to support a full time team. We can step in where required and like to think of ourselves as your personal product design team.

Are you in need of an experienced product design and engineering team? Do you need help in one area of your new product development program and don't know who to get on board? Give our Melbourne team a call and we can give you a quote for the whole project or just a stage depending on your needs.

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Walking Profiler in action

Operator's view


Fibreglass patterns

Product images: ARRB