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Multi Slab Brace Formwork
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Sometimes Bayly adds delight to a product. Sometimes our clients bring the delight with them. Back in 2014, a couple of concreters came to us with an industry revolutionising idea. A new brace system for concrete slab formwork called MSB Form. The brace system cuts down the time required to pour slabs. Especially complex slabs with steps and other features. Market research was completed and the concept was proven to work. All they needed was a manufacturable design certified safe to use on site.

The building industry in Australia is heavily regulated with a huge emphasis on safety. Bayly conducted a full hazard assessment on the MSB form system according to WorkSafe Victoria guidelines. We conducted engineering calculations and real life testing to ensure that the system worked as designed and can resist loads of poured concrete. Other system hazards were mitigated by using familiar installation processes and equipment, and advising that new operators should be thoroughly trained and supported.

Bayly reviewed MSB Form's working prototypes for manufacturability. The final design is optimised for efficient production. For example, frame sections are fabricated from a single length of steel so no off cuts are wasted. When the final design was ready, Bayly provided a full set of technical drawings as part of a manufacturing specification
If their Instagram following is any indication, MSB Form are well on their way to setting a new industry standard. Keep an eye out for the distinctive orange frames. As Jared Telford, Co-founder MSB Form said, "Any concreter in 5 years that doesn't have a set, is going to be left behind!"

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Kelly Watts, 9 June 2017


 MSB Form story






Detailed design


MSB Form in action

Product images: MSB Form