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There are 3 products that have recently been shortlisted for the next round of judging for the Australian International Design Awards that have got us pretty excited.

The products have all been launched in their respective markets within the last 12 months and are on their way to generating profits and growth for the business owners.

The products represent the diversity of the consumer and customer needs that we help our clients to satisfy by applying our product design and technology development capabilities in collaboration with their team.

So a little more about them….


The Touchstone device is a micro processor based controller that interfaces with a mains mounted valve to flush toilets and do away with the complicated, leak prone and space hogging toilet cistern.

The Touchstone is manufactured from the finest solid surfacing materials available in the Corian and Laminex ranges and complements contemporary bathroom designs in commercial and domestic installations.

See here for more details on the Touchstone as highlighted in this issue of Re:design

More information about Mainsflush’s unique solution can be found on their website , or review Touchstone at the Design Awards Website .


The Washpod 1200 is a breakthrough technology in high impact parts washing with the potential to make solvent washing of parts and components a thing of the past.

The WASHPOD™ machines use only water and environmentally sustainable detergent to clean mechanical and electrical parts but… with greatly increased mechanical cleaning action.

WASHPOD™ machines can clean almost any component - from small parts such as nuts, bolts, plastic or rubber seals, washers, and bearings to alloy components, transmissions, brake and clutch parts, engine blocks and even complete engines.

WASHPOD™ machines can also clean electrical components, Armatures, stators.  Even electrical wiring harnesses can be thoroughly and safely cleaned in WASHPOD™.

Parts are washed in a self contained system that only requires the user to load the parts into the rotating basket, close the lid and start the machine.  The basket rotation combined with the zero degree water jets mounted in an independently driven manifold system ensures rapid cleaning over the entire surface area of the parts.

The Washpod 1200 incorporates a wash water treatment cell that cleans the water for continuous recycling, extending the service life of the wash water and provides a clean waste stream for later disposal.

We have worked with Washpod’s Perth and China based teams to finalise the design of the Washpod 1200 for mass manufacture of the machine for the World market.  Our collaboration tools and systems have helped us to speed communications and have proven to be a cost effective way to collaborate between the three centres.

Bayly have established a PLM system that Washpod are using to manage the product data and specifications and the engineering change and implementation process for the machines in production.

We are continuing to work with Washpod on exciting new products for their range.

To read more about the Washpod 1200, check out the Washpod website , or review the machine on the Design Awards Website .



The technology being developed by Tony Pike and his hard working team has been a few years in the making, but last year saw the launch of a product aimed at stabilising café tables all around the World.

Our role in the FLAT story has involved the development of the product from proof of concept to a market ready form, building from the base of the creative inspiration, hard work and development undertaken by FLAT and it’s design team.

This has been a significant project for the Bayly team due to the complexity and the performance requirements for the system as well as the size of the scope of work including materials evaluation and selection, component design, performance analysis, system simulation, tooling management, test equipment design, test process development and pilot batch production and testing. The program was completed over an intense 13 month period and delivered within 8.5% of the original budget with many thanks to our network of suppliers and collaborators.

Seeing FLAT progress with the commercialisation of their technology is great and we expect them to be very successful at fulfilling their objectives.

To read more about the FLAT system, check out their website , or review their product on the Design Awards Website

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